An NFT Community for PioneersAn NFT Community for Pioneers

We launched our
flagship collection,
Megapont Ape Club.

Our genesis mint of 2,500 pixel-art NFTs, each with a unique personality and exotic traits. Everyone was doing this. We did it better than most.

Megapont Ape Club is the most significant project launched on Stacks and set the path for the future of NFTs on Stacks.

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Some of our holders.

karl_zw Megapont Ape #2247
@karl_zwMegapont Ape #2247
peterwang1127 Megapont Ape #2361
@peterwang1127Megapont Ape #2361
FGMetrics Megapont Ape #516
@FGMetricsMegapont Ape #516
louiseivanvp Megapont Ape #1887
@louiseivanvpMegapont Ape #1887
the_advisor_btc Megapont Ape #1955
@the_advisor_btcMegapont Ape #1955
AzAlMershed Megapont Ape #1760
@AzAlMershedMegapont Ape #1760
longstreet_btc Megapont Ape #867
@longstreet_btcMegapont Ape #867
themariaverse Megapont Ape #128
@themariaverseMegapont Ape #128
amallak Megapont Ape #655
@amallakMegapont Ape #655
biggiepoppins Megapont Ape #776
@biggiepoppinsMegapont Ape #776
buy_corn Megapont Ape #905
@buy_cornMegapont Ape #905
0ZeroAuthority Megapont Ape #2234
@0ZeroAuthorityMegapont Ape #2234
JJ30221029 Megapont Ape #1408
@JJ30221029Megapont Ape #1408
jerseyslacker Megapont Ape #1969
@jerseyslackerMegapont Ape #1969
cryptoyipster Megapont Ape #1724
@cryptoyipsterMegapont Ape #1724
RedAyeJedii Megapont Ape #956
@RedAyeJediiMegapont Ape #956

We discovered a
Robot Factory.

A free and interactive NFT collection where base mainframes can be built into personalised robots using robot component NFTs.

Everyone loved it. We loved it. We are going to make it better.

Image of the robot factory

We had some crazy
bull market sales.

Megapont Ape #2148
Megapont Ape #2148about 1 year ago
105000 STX$152250 USD
Megapont Ape #1153
Megapont Ape #1153over 1 year ago
36750 STX$67252 USD
Megapont Ape #2296
Megapont Ape #2296over 1 year ago
31500 STX$62370 USD
Megapont Ape #124
Megapont Ape #124about 1 year ago
39998 STX$57997 USD
Megapont Ape #977
Megapont Ape #977over 1 year ago
30000.6 STX$37800 USD

We created a token.

MegaCoin is the governance token for Megapont and MegaDAO. A DAO without leadership and guidance is a recipe for disaster. We are working hard to make sure that does not happen.

We hosted a crazy party

Just watch the video.

We have three tokens granting entry to the community.

MegaKongs on Ethereum. Megapont Apes on Stacks and MegaPunks on Bitcoin.

We are building cool shit,
here to stay.

Kong Fu image

Our mission is to build innovative experiences on the blockchain. We are here to stay. You will see us launching NFTs that change how you think about NFTs. Click button gets a jpeg is not what interests us.

Above all else, we aim to provide a launchpad for artists, creators and brands to leverage a community of pioneers and early adopters to build their own NFTs.